All Shopping All Weekend

St Paul's Lights of Hope

Sooooo I basically spent all of the weekend shopping. It started on Friday night: Sym had come up with an idea for candy boxes to make for her family, so on Thursday night her dad took her to the store to buy the candies she needed. Then on Friday she LEFT THEM AT SCHOOL ARGH. She was seeing her grandparents this weekend so after I finished work we headed out to buy replacement candies. I was hoping we would be able to find what she needed at the store by our house but NO DICE, we ended up walking around the city for 2 1/2 hours before we finally gave in and went to the store by her dad’s house instead. It was super exhausting and kind of annoying BUT we got to look at Christmas lights and buy other candy and get yummy drinks from Starbucks, so I think we really made the best of it.

Sym in the Star Tunnel

Sym in the St Paul’s Hospital Lights of Hope. Just over ten years ago I carried her outside for the very first time through those doors behind her (I gave birth at this hospital)!

On Saturday after Sym left I went out for brunch and shopping with Jenn. I didn’t have my camera, although I should really start bringing it out because then I could take all kinds of pictures to post on my blog and she could take pictures to post on her blog and we could be those annoying bloggers who hang out and post pictures of our hangouts.

Unfortunately I can’t post pictures of most of the things I bought, but here are a couple things I picked up for myself.

Better Pic of New Scarf

I’ve been wanting a knit circle scarf FOREVER but I’m also feeling cheap. I found this one at Front and Company for only $22!

Worse Pic of New Scarf

I don’t remember the name of the store where I got this feather print top.

Feather Torso Dress

It’s not like anything I’d normally wear but think it’s so pretty. I’m planning on wearing it to Taylor’s office holiday party on Friday, but is it weird that it matches my hair?

Feathers Up Close
Fun with fake plastic trees

Nope, it’s awesome.

I also got a couple new decorations for the tree, a couple glittery stag heads in silver and green. They were only $0.99 each! They had gold and red as well and it was difficult to only get two.

Green Glitter Stag

Sinead says my house is like a zoo for glittery animals. SHE’S NOT WRONG.

On Sunday Taylor and I also went for brunch and shopping, although we had to split up a lot so that the other wouldn’t know what we were up to. I will say that between the two of us we spent over $100 on candy. What was that thing about feeling cheap again? Anyway I can’t share most of what I got, although when I was waiting for Taylor I bought some holiday sprinkles for holiday baking!

Holiday Sprinkles

These are all going on donuts btw, Christmas cookies are so last year.

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