Symphony, the Christmas Elf, and Dogs

This way originally gonna be like, three posts AT LEAST but what with the whole cat thing and all the banners I had to make I’m running out of time before Christmas so instead I’m making one big SUPER POST.

A Pirate’s Christmas
Last Thursday was Sym’s school play, which was about pirates and elves and tbh was quite terrible. As she wrote in her journal, “I give myself an A, and the group a C+.” lol. The insane set design meant that a little tent was completely blocking Sym from our seats.

Sym's School Xmas Pagent

Fortunately she and three other girls came out and did a little dance during her class’s song.

Sym's School Xmas Pagent
Sym's School Xmas Pagent

Sym’s New Hair
On Saturday (after the whole emergency vet thing) I took her to the salon to get her hair cut. It was all one length and really heavy, plus her ends were all frayed looking for swimming and also because she chews on them. Our stylist took off a ton of length and added some layers, and then offered to give her some feather extentions.Now, I personally would never get them, but lots of Sym’s classmates have them and I didn’t want to be the buzzkill mom who says “You know they kill the birds to get those feathers,” so I just held my tongue. She loves her new hair and that’s what’s important anyway. YES MY CHILD IS MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN THE WELFARE OF BIRDS.

Sym's New Hair x 2

She’s on winter break now and has only been a little bit annoying. She wants to have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch everyday and after I threatened to make her scrub the toilets she stopped complaining about being bored (although that means I have to scrub them, woe).

A Visit From the Christmas Elf
The elf came pretty late this year, I can’t imagine why.

Christmas Elf Visit
Christmas Elf Visit
Christmas Elf Visit

Sym got a mystery Playmobil which turned out to be a creepy witch.

Playmobil Witch

And I got giant rockets! Normally I prefer mini versions of my favourite things, but this jumbo version was pretty great.

Giant Rockets

Excuse my nails, I did say they were trashed up!

Cuddle Dog
Dougal’s been really into snuggling things this week. Here he is with Georgie’s disgusting Humpy Bear (for those of you who watch Wilfred, Georgie has the same relationship with Humpy Bear as Wilfred does with Ted/Bear).

Dougal Snuggling with Bear

… and here he is with Georgie. SO CUTE OMG.

Dougal Snuggling with Georgie

Okay, he was actually chewing on her, but it was still adorable.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. I’m still trying to catch up on all the pre-holiday stuff I let slide because I was busy with work and the cat. Today I cleaned off my disaster area of a desk, including cleaning the keyboard for the first time in four years, which was basically just an exercise in grossing myself out and spilling rubbing alcohol on my jeans.

Clean Desk

It looks great now though! And my craft table…

Messy Desk

… oops.

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