Manicure Monday


I haven’t done my nails in a couple of weeks, not since Taylor’s office holiday party. The day after that was the day of Claire’s medical emergency and I’ve had so many banners to make I haven’t had time, plus all the exacto-knifing involved isn’t exactly polish-friendly.

It hasn’t snowed here at all so I had this idea to do a wintry nail with white & white shimmery polish, plus the silver crackle topcoat. Then I recoloured my hair before I had the chance so any plans for easily-stained pale polishes went out the window.

Hidden Treasure + The End

Hard Candy in The End plus Sally Hansen in Hidden Treasure

I know everyone in the world has already done a Hidden Treasure over black, but I’ve only done it over pastels and tbh, I don’t like it over the black as much. Maybe I’ve just seen it too many time? I did two heavy coats of Hidden Treasure to try to make it more interesting to me but I’m still “meh” about it. I do love this black though; it’s one of the polishes I won last summer and it’s a great glossy black with perfect coverage in just two coats.

Also please take a second to appreciate my excellent gloves (there’s no light inside so I had to go out in the cold to photograph my nails).

Mitten Gloves

I got them in my Christmas stocking and they are the perfect blend of gloves and mittens; warm and cozy (and cashmere!) with the tops on, but easy to flip open AND with flip-open thumbs for when I need finger dexterity. Thanks, Santa!

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