Treat Yo Self 2012

Last Saturday Sym and I went out shopping and had a mini TREAT YO SELF DAY, except instead of fragrances, mimosas and fine leather goods, it was clothing basics, french fries and one ridiculous item each.

Sym needed some new jeans (in a shocking twist she chose skinny jeans, something she’s been adamantly opposed to for five years) and t-shirt, but what she was really excited about was this…. jumpsuit? onesie? idk what the scientific name is but she calls it her rapping outfit, and while she was trying it on in the change room she threw on her Tokidoki boots and floral fake Raybans and broke it down for me.

Fashion Sym

I got a bunch of plain, boring clothes- white tee, black leggings, grey tank, grey henley (remember in the summer when I was going to start wearing colours again? HAHAHAHAHAHA). It was all stuff I NEEDED (my old grey tank top had a hole right in the chest) but none of it was very fun. Then I found these Tom Haverford shoes at Winners.

Leopardy Shoes

AMAZING. I can’t wait until this godforsaken snow stops so I can wear them (yes, I’m over the snow already). I also found a bunch of OPI polishes from the Muppet collection there, so if you are in Vancouver and looking for discount glitter they have it. I got Fresh Frog of Bel Air, which is great because this is the one I really wanted; in fact, I had been planning to go buy a bottle at full price that day!

Fresh Frog of Bel Air

For us no trip to the mall is complete without a visit to New York Fries. Sym just gets plain fries but I always get the veggie works- fries with cheese sauce, sour cream, tomatoes and green onion. So delicious! It’s probably a good thing that I don’t go to the mall too often.

Food Court with Sym

14 Replies to “Treat Yo Self 2012”

  1. The modcloth cabin fever sale is my usual TREAT YO SELF buying spree, but this year I withheld and only bought one thing (a fabulous fuchsia shirt dress) and I am saving all my treat-yo-self pennies for the Jason Wu x target line. Cat print scarf? YES, cat print purse? YES, black puffy dress? YES.

    I love TREAT YO SELF.

  2. I have and have worn that nail polish! Be careful with the big silver chunks, if one catches it rips off a whole bunch of polish. On an interesting note, you can remove it all without polish remover because it goes all smooth on the back. I just picked at an edge and then the whole nail’s worth came off in one solid clump.

  3. My daughter resisted skinny jeans forever, too. Now she won’t even wear a pair of boyfriend jeans because she hates all the extra fabric around her legs. So fickle, these mini fashionistas.

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