It’s For the Best

Last night all my feelings of sadness and trappedness and I-hate-my-jobness all came to a head in a fit of napping and weeping. After Taylor went to work I lay awake in bed feeling sorry for myself and planning out a big blog post about all the things that are bothering and upsetting me and why nothing can be done about any of it and blah blah blah. FUTILITY OF LIFE, basically. Anyway, then I fell asleep and when I woke up I’d forgotten Ev. Ruh. Thing. I was going to say.


It’s probably for the best. No one wants to read that- even I don’t want to read that! I’m still having a crap year but OH WELL. It’s Friday night, I’m about to go get beer, and my banners were posted (featured?) on today. WHO CAN COMPLAIN???? Not me, that’s for sure. Instead I spent all my free time today working on new headers and contact buttons and whatnot for all the pages in the Unicorn Parade empire. I’m not done yet (the ones that are up now are temporary) but the profile pictures for the facebook pages are SUPER SWEET. Here is the one for the blog’s page:


LOVE IT. So stuff can’t be all that bad, right? Right.

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  1. Bust is the only magazine I read and I think it is effing AMAZING that you’re featured by it in any form, online or otherwise! You rule.

    1. Hopefully! I love their intern Caroline.

      I’m making a new header rn that matches the fb picture but my kid crashed my computer watching Sailor Moon youtubes so I lost everything and I have to start from scratch ARGH.

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