Rebirth and Taxes

Crocuses and Snowdrops

Spring is springing up all over the place, crocuses and snowdrops and baby daffodils and bluebells are everywhere. Sadly, I don’t think all the bluebell seeds Sym and I planted last year are going to grow, but at least some of them will, and maybe they’ll have baby seeds and next year there will be more. Circle of life, ya know?

Along with all this springiness going on, there is also the inevitability of taxes. Fun fact: I haven’t filed in two years. OOPS. I also didn’t keep my records and papers properly organized, so this afternoon I was confronted by this:


A BASKET CRAMMED FULL OF RANDOM PAPERS. And that wasn’t even it! There was also a drawer of random papers and a loose pile of random papers. Business stuff I need to file my taxes, but also business stuff I DON’T need, millions of credit card statements, drawings by Sym, vet bills, junk mail. Clearly my filing system leaves much to be desired.

After about three hours of sorting, recycling, shredding, inputting into spreadsheets, typing up lists and printing stuff out I’m finally done and ready to go see my accountant! Unfortunately it took me so long to get everything ready that his office was closed by the time I called to make an appointment, but there’s always tomorrow, and after everything I did today the hard part is done.

I also made a new resolution today, a late-February resolution: KEEP TRACK OF MY PAPERWORK AND FINANCES SO THIS MESS DOESN’T HAPPEN AGAIN NEXT YEAR.

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  1. Barf I haven’t filed my taxes in forever but I make zero dollars so I can’t be bothered. The last time I did file Quebec still hasn’t paid me for >:|

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