Back to Black

Hmm. I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve recently been in a blogging slump. This is partly because I just didn’t waaaaaaanna post, and partly because it’s been so gross and grey and rainy here that I haven’t done anything worth posting about. Like, I could blog about how I laid on the couch for LITERALLY fourteen hours and watched The X-Files while eating potatoes but that doesn’t make for a compelling read.

Or does it. It’s actually been kind of interesting because the first five seasons were filmed here in Vancouver in the mid-nineties, so it’s kind of like a weird tv time capsule. One episode had scenes at the goth club I always went to when I first moved here (when I was 17, shh), another had lots of extras that I recognized from bars and raves (it was the nineties, okay!). One episode had a scene filmed at the store where Symphony’s dad works, another featured a not-yet-completed Rogers Arena (home of the Vancouver Canucks, if you didn’t know). One episode, set in Baltimore, had a shot where you can clearly see a #4 UBC bus going by (I was not aware there was a University of British Columbia in Baltimore).

ANYWAY. that isn’t what this post is about. This post is about I DYED MY HAIR.

Last Pic of my New Hair I Swear

DARK AGAIN! My hairdresser is probably going to strangle me, she spent two and a half years painstakingly highlighting my hair to get it blonde from this exact dark brown (it looks black but it’s not). This was another of my total hair whims- I had the idea one morning, picked up a box of dye and coloured it while the daycare kids were napping. It actually took me two tries to get it right- the first box only covered my five-inch grey roots and just looked like I had dark brown roots instead. A few days later I got a second box and added more brown through the midlengths and some of the ends. I left most of the ends blue/green, but they were stained by the brown and are more of a teal now. idk, I like it.

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