Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


I need to get my bangs trimmed (YA THINK???) but I’m afraid to go see my stylist because I’m scared she’ll be mad at me for colouring my hair dark again. Is that silly? It is so silly, I mean it’s MY HAIR, but no one likes to be judged by their stylist, and it happens to me ALL THE TIME because when it comes to messing with my hair I CAN’T BE TAMED. A few of the things I’ve done that have made my stylist side-eye me for days:

1. Got mad about my wispy wingy baby-hair sideburns that stick out in front of/over my ears and CUT THEM OFF so I looked like a stubbly man and couldn’t wear my hair back for months until they grew back out.

2. Cut my own bangs. Actually at first she was supportive of my bangs decision but then she was like “… they’re a little wide.”

3. After she spent LITERALLY years highlighting my hair to get it a really lovely blonde, I coloured the whole thing blue. I had to go in for a bang trim almost immediately after and I swear I saw her hands make a strangling motion.

I did all these things as a GROWN ADULT btw, and I also did them all as total whims. Like, I thought it’d be a good idea in the morning and by the time I had to pick Sym up from school it was done. What is wrong with me? Why do I have to do these things RIGHT NOW without thinking them through?

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  1. I finally requested you on FB because one of my former students set his cover picture as your pink glitter STAY SASSY banner and I felt weird

    1. I saw that! I mean your fb post about it, not his cover photo. Lol it’s so weird, that banner has like, A BILLION NOTES on tumblr & pops up on my dashboard all the time. I JUST WISH SOMEONE HAD THOUGHT TO INCLUDE A LINK TO MY SHOP >:/

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