The Weekend

I had all these great plans for this Sunday, I was going to go to this brunch place that has creamsicle waffles and then go to Chinatown and I made a deal with myself that I was going to remember my camera so I could take pictures. Then on Sunday I felt like TOTAL GARBAGE (I’m having a painful nose problem) so instead I laid on the couch for twelve hours (possible a slight exaggeration) and watched more of The X-Files (I’m almost done season four). So. No pictures of that, but I do have some other stuff to share.

Taco Night

On Friday an internet friend of mine mentioned that she was having tacos for dinner and I was like… OH MY GOD THAT IS THE BEST IDEA EVER VEGGIE TACOOOOOOOOS. I went out after work and got everything I needed, plus a box of ice cream sandwiches because why not. Taylor and Sym helped and they were so good. I think I had four, which is more than I normally can eat. Sym also overindulged.

Taco Night
Taco Night

On Saturday I woke up bright and early and decided to make pancakes (idk what was with my this weekend, all cooking stuff). I always make silver dollar pancakes; they are easier to flip and of course little food is always cuter. I should have made more though, next time I’m going to double the amount!

Silver Dollars

In the afternoon Sym and I went out shopping. I feel like I go out shopping every weekend but I SWEAR I really needed to get something this time. When Taylor bought our new mattress a few months ago he figured it would work with our existing Ikea bedframe, but it doesn’t. We have to lift the mattress completely up to change the sheets, and I have weak bony arms, so I can’t even do it myself, which is annoying and stupid. A simple metal frame costs like, $100 so I figured what the hell.

I also bought Sym a book and a couple t-shirts, and bought myself a new pair of sunglasses to replaced the ones I broke by throwing them at the wall in a temper tantrum (DON’T ASK). I’m super particular about sunglasses shape so I actually brought the broken ones with me so I could try to find a similar pair and I think I came really close!

New Sunnies

I’d promised her that when we got home we could watch last week’s Parks & Rec; on Thursdays she’s at her dad’s house and he doesn’t watch it ( O____o I KNOW). She also wanted me to curl her hair and for us to eat ice cream sandwiches, so why not do all three AT THE SAME TIME?

Roller Sym

Taylor was playing videogames in the living room so after I put hot rollers in her hair we climbed into my bed and watched it on my old computer. The dogs (and Sadie) joined us and it felt really decadent and really silly at the same time. Once the show was over I took out the rollers and Sym was so happy with the result I didn’t even have to fight her to get this picture.

Curly Sym

Since I felt so awful yesterday that would be it for my weekend stuff BUT I took today off of work! I actually already had it booked off as a vacation day, but it worked out well since I was able to go to the doctor for nose medicine and also go buy a bunch of donuts.


Taylor also has Mondays off right now so we got to spend some time together this morning (He has to sleep in the afternoon) and he decided today was the day to say goodbye to his beard (our hockey team was eliminated from the playoffs yesterday). Unfortunatelty he couldn’t just shave like a normal person so I was subjected first to this mess…

Young Bert Cooper

… and now this disgusting mustache.


UGH THIS IS A HORRIFICATION OF THE WORST ORDER, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEN???? He says he’s just going to keep the mustache for one day as a joke. All I can say is HE BETTER BE TELLING THE TRUTH.

5 Replies to “The Weekend”

  1. Disgusting moustache? Oh no no no!

    Marvelous moustache, more like!

    On a different note, all the food in this post looks DELICIOUS.

    1. LOL YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND THAT MUSTACHE IS TERRRRRRRRIBLE. The food was all good though, I want to travel back in time so I can eat it again/don’t have to cook anything today.

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