Beautiful Sunday

After what feels like weeks of horrible rainy weather I was happy to wake up today to a (mostly) blue sky.


It was so nice out I even wore a dress. WITH BARE LEGS (not pictured).

Taylor on the Train

Today I was determined to bring my camera and not feel dumb about taking pictures. So I bought it, and I took four pictures. FOUR. And one was out of focus because I kind of started to fall over when the train started moving. OOPS. In my defense (for the lack of pictures, not the falling over), Taylor also brought HIS camera, which is big and fancy and takes much nicer pics than my little point and shoot.

Creamsicle Waffles

Brunch at Locus on Main Street: creamsicle waffles for me, apple crumble french toast for Taylor.

After eating we did a little window shopping and also some regular shopping (EVERY WEEKEND, I don’t know what’s wrong with me). I picked up new gardening gloves for us both so we can (eventually) get to weeding around the poor stomped and strangled remains of my garden, and some springform pans (including HEART SHAPED omg) so I can attempt making a cheesecake (which is turning into a three-day process for me).


One of my favourite things to do whenever we are on the east side is walk down all the little side streets with all the little cute houses and yell WHY AREN’T ANY OF THESE CUTE LITTLE HOUSES MINE??? Like seriously, someone please buy or affordably rent me one. Bonus points if it looks like a tiny castle.


7 Replies to “Beautiful Sunday”

  1. I must live in the random crap on the street capital of Canada, as I walked by a free book table packed with near-mint condition Sweet Valley High books. Of course I immediately thought of you. What ones are you missing?

    1. Mostly just the later ones, in the hundreds. They’re harder to find that the early, “circle cover” ones.

  2. AH IS THAT WHAT EAST VAN LOOKS LIKE??? I’m dying at the thought of renting out a house on a street like that. It’s beautiful!

  3. I love to do that do! Jeremy and I have pinpointed about 5 houses on our walk route that are “OURS”. hehe love the castle house. That’s crazy. XD

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