Short Long Weekend

Sunny Day Drive

This weekend was just a regular old two-day weekend but I did so much stuff it seemed like a three-day AT LEAST.

For some reason every single thing in our lives was going on today, and we had to make some executive decisions about which to cancel and which to keep. Out: dentist appointment and extended-family brunch. In: taking Sym to two (TWO) birthday parties.

Sym in the Sand

The first party was at 6Pack Beach, which is an indoor beach volleyball place out on a weird industrial park island in the Fraser River. Basically it’s a warehouse full of sand.


It’s also a mere three minutes away from the new Ikea (which they built next to the tiny 35-year-old Ikea), and as we had two hours and a zipcar at our disposal to kill I figured we should check it out. I thought it’d be really crowded and crazy (it was Saturday afternoon, after all), but it was actually kind of quiet! We went through the whole showroom and marketplace and paid for our purchases in under an hour, which I think might be our fastest Ikea trip ever.

Toys & Blankets

It was mostly toys and blankets.

After we picked Sym up from her first party and drove back downtown to take her to the second. It was thankfully only a few blocks from our house, but even so I was so tired that I had to ask her dad to pick her up, and when they got back here Sym was pretty exhausted herself. Too much partying for one pre-teen to handle! After she’d gone to her dad’s Taylor and I spent the evening watching tv and eating pizza until he fell asleep on the couch and I had to drag him to bed.

Obviously Sunday was Mother’s Day. Sym’s dad had asked me if I wanted him to bring her home early so we could celebrate, but they had some fun activities planned (rock climbing, running, shopping) and tbh, I didn’t want to do anyyyyyyything at all so I said they could have their day. They did stop by on their way out to go rock climbing to drop off my present, this beautiful planter which Sym put together with her stepmom, as well as a traditional Sym-style jumbo card..

Flowers from Sym
Card from Sym


One thing I was determined to do was weed my terrible disaster of a garden. I convince Taylor to help me just weed around my few remaining plants so we put on our gardening gloves and got to work. After a bit of weed pulling and looking around I discovered something amazing- ALL of my plants from last year survived! I thought they’d been destroyed by the housepainters but there they all were, buried under the weeds.

Sea of Weeds No Longer

you can see a before here.
ALSO, my tiny hydrangea not only pulled through but has some little baby flowers growing!

Hydrangea Babies

I was so excited that I dragged Taylor down to the plant store to buy another fern and a bright pink hydragea (and also the tomato cage I put around my bleeding heart up there; once I pulled the weeds from around it the whole thing fell over).

New Plants

Other than that my day mostly consisted of playing with the dogs, tidying around the house and working on some Etsy orders. Sym came home at around six, tired and wrung out again from another busy day. We had a late dinner (I didn’t take a picture but it was baked wild salmon*, brown sugar glazed carrots and mashed potatoes, SO GOOD) and I tucked her sleepy self into bed. Taylor and I watched Mad Men and then it was off to bed for me as well. It was pretty much the perfect weekend for me!

Go Team Laramie

*I’m kind of trying out eating meat again? idk I just really wanted salmon.

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