Call Me Symmie

Sym Rock Climbing

Rock climbing; her dad took this picture. Apparently she got almost all the way to the top before she was like NOPE NUH-UH NEVERMIND I’M COMING DOWN.

Sym is basically amazing these days. Yesterday she brought home a couple of math tests for me to sign and I was thrilled to see she’d gotten 100% on both of them. She’s had some really problems and struggles with math this year (because math is for jerks but I digress), but she’s worked really hard and studied and pulled it together. The teachers had a job action thing going for the first half of the school year so she didn’t get any report cards until just a few weeks ago and it was really good- 2 As and 6 Bs (including math).

Because she’s been so good recently and because her little kid Firefly cellphone recently stopped working, the other day I took her out and got her a new phone, an iPhone. Lots of people I know on the internet (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) thinks and crazy and gross and stupid for kids to have iPhones (or any phones or electronics other than maybe a Nintendo DS) but like… I think most people who have iPhones don’t really NEED them. I mean, what do most people use them for? Playing games, sending messages, instagramming pictures of food and pets, sometimes making phone calls, buying progressively more adorable cases for them.

I ordered her both of these.
THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT MY KID USES HERS FOR. Well, not the instagramming. YET. I pretty much hate instagram but I’m going to get it for her so I can post her pictures here and call the posts SYMSTAGRAM. Yes, I already have this planned out.

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  1. I passed by a street stand that was selling the most BLINGED OUT pink iphone cases I’ve ever seen in my life and I thought of you! I think you made the right case choice.

    I have an iphone and I probably DON’T “need” it but I would be wandering around the eastern seaboard desperately lost and sad without it. -backtrack

    1. Yeah I have a smartphone but I work from home and my computer is here but sometimes I reallyyyyyyyyyyyy need to look something up on imdb but I just… can’t… get off the couch. I checked my data plan usage the other day and the most I’ve ever used of my ~allotment~ or w/e is 12% hahaha

  2. whatever, its about time children got cell phones so we can drop the ruse that tying two fucking cans together actually works.

    i, too, am anxiously awaiting SYMSTAGRAM

    1. You should do a post on your blog about tying cans together. Or better yet, MASON JARS.

      I’m going to get her set up on Instagram after school today so hopefully I’ll have the first post next week!

  3. omg, I am beyond excited for symstagram! Did she like the rock climbing? I just tried it recently and it was a lot more fun/harder than I thought!

    Those cases are disgustingly cute and screw parents who don’t think kids should even KNOW about computers and cell phones. We use them pretty much all day anyway, technological literacy and efficiency is going to be a required trait for pretty much any job by the time their old enough.

    1. She kind of liked it but said it wasn’t her favourite; idk if she’s going to go again.

      I seriously don’t understand those people (most of them aren’t even parents t b h), they’re always like WHEN I WAS THAT AGE I DIDN’T HAVE A CELLPHONE but like… when I was that age we didn’t have a computer at my house and the phone was a fucking rotary phone plugged into the wall and we only got 12 channels on tv, sooooooo….. like, you have to change with the times, things AREN’T like they were when you were a kid so stop trying to go back to that. You can’t un-invent technology.

  4. We got my daughter her phone when she was 9 (6 years ago) and people were scandalized. Whatever. We limit her texting to 500 a month and have time of day limits so she can’t text during school. She also has no data allowance. The only issues we ever have is that the child will just not remember to keep her phone charged. She’s still a bright, communicative, creative child.

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