The First 17 Weeks

In my post yesterday I said I was 18 weeks along but apparently idk how to count because really I’m 17 weeks.

It’s been really hard to keep this whole baby thing a secret, especially here on my blog because BASICALLY it’s all I’ve wanted to talk about. I’ve bought baby clothes and maternity clothes, started planning the nursery and other nesting-type apartment changes, bought toys and books and blankets, tested strollers, priced out cribs and changing tables, I mean it’s pretty much been all baby, all the time at my house since the second week of March. I’ve been taking some (photobooth) pictures along the way and now I can finally share them with you.

Little Bump

This picture is from mid-April, I was almost 11 weeks at this point and my belly just POPPED OUT, I couldn’t believe it! I know this is supposed to happen earlier after your first pregnancy but it still surprised me. Also at this point my only jeans were high-waisted skinny jeans so like… BYE, JEANS.

Out of all the times I’ve been pregnant before (twice) I’ve actually had the mildest morning sickness this time. With Sym I puked all day every day for nine months, and during my second pregnancy (which I terminated, in case you didn’t know) I was nauseous non-stop. This time I actually managed to mostly keep it together, like sometimes I’d throw up a little when I was brushing my teeth in the morning but let’s be real, I do that even when I’m not pregnant (gag reflex issues…) but I really only seriously vomited three times. But as these pictures from April 25th will show, those three times WERE THE WORST!

Popped Vessels
Popped Vessels

I don’t always throw up from morning sickness, but when I do I BURST ALL THE BLOOD VESSELS IN MY FACE. Thankfully the nausea seems to have passed now and I think technically the third time I was sick was like, 50/50 morning sickness and carsickness.

First Alien Baby Pics

On April 27th I had my first ultrasound. This was my nuchal translucency scan, which is part of a three-part genetic test for Down syndrome, trisomy 18 and neural tube defects (the other two parts are blood tests, the second of which I just had on Monday). This was at twelve weeks so it was too early to determine the sex of the baby, but I think it looks like a girl, right? HERE’S HOPING. Unfortunately my next ultrasound isn’t until early July so I won’t find out until then.

Bigger Bump

The bump gets bigger! This picture is from May 16th when I was 15 weeks pregnant. You might be wondering how I could have kept it a secret from my daycare clients who I see every day, but I think these pictures from the 18th demonstrate it nicely. Now you see it…

Now You See It...

… now you don’t!

Now You Don't

I used a highly technical combination of dressing like a sad saggy slob, sucking it in, and rounding my shoulders while holding my breath and amazingly no one even guessed- not even the dad whose wife is also 17 weeks pregnant! I know, I’m like a magician.

So there you have it, my exciting journey through the first trimester (and part of the second). I have so much more stuff to share with you guys but I’m going to try to space it out, and Taylor has promised he’s going to take some real pictures of me with his fancy camera (he said he wanted to before but every time he was about to suggest it I’d throw up and my explode my face again, haha) so there’s that, too. Anyway thank you so much to everyone for all your comments and congratulations, I just love you girls so much, you keep me young.

17 weeks 1 day

June 1st, 17 weeks and 1 day.

24 Replies to “The First 17 Weeks”

    1. You should channel these feelings into your art, and also travel here to sing live over the birth of my child.

  1. Damn that is some really impressive pregnancy hiding. Cause damn you are so pregnant.

    I think the little profile looks like Taylor.

    And that last pic of you: I know it’s a huge cliche and all that but you are seriously looking so glowing and beautiful.

    1. I think I was more glowing in the pics with all the red dots on my face LOL GLOWING LIKE RUDOLPH’S NOSE

    2. Also Taylor has perfect bone structure so I would not be adverse to that but idk if his face would work for a girl.

  2. What I like about your blog is you are so honest and normal! Like, here is my blood vessel bursted face and being honest about terminating a pregnancy. Congratulations on being pregnant! It will be fun to read about. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I like to ~keep it real~ on my blog, and I don’t think that having human skin or the fact that I had an abortion are things I need to be ashamed of or hide.

      1. I agree!
        There are so many picture perfect blogs, which can be fun to read, but they are so ‘beautiful magical happy’ and nothing normal ever happens, so it’s nice to have some blogs to counteract that.

  3. This made me want to cry! I’m so happy for you, and you look so beautiful and happy. You’re such a down to earth person and very loving, your child is so lucky! I hope you have a smooth pregnancy and I look forward to more posts!

  4. Funnyish story: I was catching up on my Google Reader in reverse chronological order and saw this one first and was like, “Wait. What?” So congratulations again! I’m particularly emotionally invested in your pregnancy (which sounds super creepy) because you and I had nearly identical first kid situations. I’m kinda sorta wanting to have another but am arbitrarily weirded out by my kid being so much older than his potential sibling and not so arbitrarily blocked by the fact that my husband is not interested in impregnating me again. (Just, uh, you everything short of that.)

  5. Amazing hiding-of-the-fetus skillz! I have to say, I was wayyy past the stage of being able to suck anything in by 17 weeks. Now, at 32 weeks, I’m just getting to the stage where I’m comically bumping things off tables and knocking over drinks with the gut.

  6. It’s such a pleasure to see you so happy, buddy! I’ve met all the regular and furry members of your family, and think that it’s just going to be an even cooler one. I hope your new wee one is as addicted to Sailor Moon as the rest of us.

  7. Okay, this is completely random, but I just came across your blog after a hard night puking (GI issues, not even preggo!) in search of answers to the annihilated blood vessels beneath my eyes and, well, everywhere else on my face. Sister, you are NOT alone!! I have little red lines and dots of surfaced blood all over my face this morning. Glad I’m not the only one, you’re brave to put these pictures up! Why does this always happen? Are we particularly forceful pukers? Hahaha. Take care and good luck with your pregnancy (good to hear it’s been easier on your belly than the others), just thought I’d comment since the date of this entry was so recent : )

    1. Thanks! It was so weird that this happened, I’ve never had it before when I’ve been sick from pregnancies or germs or anything. I hope your face gets better soon!!

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