Manicure Monday

Neon again! I thought this was the American Apparel Neon Coral I couldn’t stop thinking about, but it turns out the coral is basically a straight orange. In my mind coral is an orange-y pink, so this Neon Red is much closer. It is also LITERALLY the brightest colour on the face of the planet, and I feel like I can only wear neutral-coloured clothing with it. Luckily I already do!

4 Replies to “Manicure Monday”

  1. I agree, coral definitely is supposed to be orange-y pink, not just straight up orange. That’s an awesome color. Damn you, American Apparel… always suckering me in.

    1. I tried to find good neons elsewhere when I was looking for the purple and the only one I could fine was a nail art one with an eensy-weensy brush so I had LITERALLY no choice but to go to AA. Their polishes are reallllly nice though, the neon purple and red have been great. I also got a neon blue and a metallic gold LOL OOPS.

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