Popsicle Time: Raspberry White Chocolate Layers

I got sick of the word “party” and the alliterative titles, deal with it.

Raspberry White Chocolate Popsicles
Raspberry & White Chocolate Popsicles

Originally I wanted to do a raspberry mint popsicle, which a friend suggested to me, but I didn’t have any mint left. Then I thought I’d do a super raspberry smoothie popsicle with raspberry juice and frozen raspberries, but I didn’t have enough actually raspberries for that and my smoothie came out more like a slightly lumpier juice (ew…). I figured that would make some delicious yet uninspired popsicles, so I decided to try my hand at my very first layered popsicles! The first layer is the raspberry juice and the second is white cocolate raspberry gelato! Don’t go getting all excited though- I didn’t make it, I bought it, so I can’t help you if you want to try your hand at artisanal gelato. Also I don’t think it’s available outside Canada so SORRRYYYYYYYY!

Raspberry White Chocolate Popsicles

Making two-layered popsicles is easy: fill your popsocle mold partway with one type of juice (or yogurt, or melted gelato, or whatever), freeze, fill the rest of the way with a second type of juice, add the sticks and freeze again. Obviously for more layers you would put in less liquid each time and do more freezing steps. Easy-peasy.

Raspberry White Chocolate Popsicles
“Can you look sadder about having a popsicle please?”
Raspberry White Chocolate Popsicles

Also be sure to check out my friend Jess Mary’s soy chocolate chai rocket pops over on Robots & Lace, and even though it’s nothing to do with popsicles (because I haven’t come up with a way to make a palatable cheese popsicle, although I don’t think it would be impossible) you should visit my sponsor Full Frontal Fromage to see my guest post about cheese!

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    1. Right? They are always like, “they take out all the cocoa from the chocolate so it’s just fat and sugar!” OH NO. FAT AND SUGAR. HOW TERRIBLE.

      More white chocolate for us tbh.

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