Manicure Wednesday

Nice how after all my BIG TALK last week about being organized and on a schedule for my blog posts I was SUPER disorganized and late this week. I guess that’s how it goes sometimes. OH WELL.

Gold/Taupe/Neon Nails

ANYWAY. These are the nails I’ve been planning since I first got the neon red polish. I think they turned out pretty well, especially considering this is the first time I’ve attempted something other than just a basic manicure in about a million years, and the first time I’ve really and truly succeeded in taping off parts of my nails to make a design. The angles and lines aren’t perfect but I’m not mad.

Gold/Taupe/Neon Nails

Essie in Case Study; American Apparel in Neon Red and Gold Flash.

7 Replies to “Manicure Wednesday”

    1. Thanks! It actually turned out way better than I thought it would, last time I tried doing something similar it was a DISASTER.

  1. i think i’ve finally grown out my nails long enough to where i can paint them again.. i was on such a roll at the beginning of this past school year and then i started chewing again! grr.

    1. Sym started chewing hers again too, her nail chewing trigger is MATH so now that school is almost out maybe she’ll be able to quit again.

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