19 Weeks; The Dog Makes Me Look Cuter


Fun fact: I’m NOT wearing a maternity shirt. This is a REGULAR shirt from Urban Outfitters (which I also bought in black and grey). Oh sure, it’s oversized and one-size-fits all, but when I look at it on my 5’9″ pregnant body and imagine some 5’2″ skinny girl wearing it I lol for days. Anyway it’s kind of see-through and shows my bra but I don’t care, I love it anyway AND it’s on sale for $19. On the site they only have black, grey, cream and red but at the store I went to they also had pink, orange, green and the blue one I’m wearing here.

After last weeks pictures I really felt like I needed to step up my makeup game, like where even is my mouth in those pics??? After haranguing my internet peers for tips on lip colour that I would be less likely to smear all over my face, I ran out to the drugstore last night and bought Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple. I actually really like it but I still look like a cadaver! I swear I’m wearing blush here, ugh when will summer become summer so I can get a sweet tan (through my SPF 50 sunscreen of course) and stop looking like the recently deceased? At least I finally coloured my roots though.


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    1. I’m so scared to put colours on my face in case I end up looking like a clown. WHY CAN’T THE WORLD JUST BE IN BLACK & WHITE LIKE PLEASANTVILLE?????

  1. just buy all the lip butters already, i love every one i own (which is all but one that was weirdly frosty) and i dont look too clowny….i think.

    anyways, you’re a beaut, tanie. pregnancy looks so good on you.

    1. lol I asked Taylor if he wanted to take a pic of me sucking it in and I tried and it’s just not possible anymore.

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