T.G.I.D.I.Y.Day: Symphony Edition

On Wednesday Sym’s school had a talent show (I didn’t go; for the last half of the year they had all the concerts and events in the middle of the day. Um, SOME OF US HAVE JOBS??? Anyway) and one of the decorations they put up was a rainbow of balloons. Sym really wanted to recreate it at home but someone who lives here (I’m not saying who) has a phobia of balloons. Instead, she came up with this easy-to-make paper version.

Sym's Balloon Garland

All you need is paper, tape, string, scissors and a pencil.

Paper Balloon Garland

1. supplies; 2-5. stack up your paper, draw a balloon shape on the top sheet and cut it out, cutting through all the sheets so you have a bunch of identical shapes; 6-8. using double-sided tape OR loops of regular tape, attach the balloon shapes to your string, back to back.

Sym's Balloon Garland

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  1. Man I remember when you were painting those trees, and the babby deer…..I still think the tree paintings are phenomenal.

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