Holiday Recap

My Canada Day festivities were low key and included…

French Toast

Eating strawberry french toast (thank tha loard for places that serve brunch until 3pm).
Getting a billion texts from my kid.
Getting licked on the face and feet by my dog (thankfully in that order).

Baby Suits

Buying an outfit (or two) for Baby Laramie to wear next Canada Day. It took every ounce of my willpower to get these adorable red & white suits in a size that will be appropriate a year from now.


Actually making dinner (salad counts, right?).
Watching lots of Adventure Time.

Taylor & Sym at the Cauldron

Walking down to Canada Place for cotton candy, mini donuts and fireworks! We were all super tired by the end and went straight to bed when we got home- Sym almost went to bed BEFORE the fireworks.

Tired Sym

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