Sponsor Spotlight: Pop Culture Major

Dani was my very first ever sponsor in May so I have a special place in my heart for her, well, I already did but YOU KNOW. I’ve known her online for a few years and she’s funny and smart and her blog is amazing. Here’s a little of the history behind Pop Culture Major:

“Pop Culture Major started out of my love for celebrity pop culture and wanting to run a blog of my own. A family member of mine got me hooked on tabloids from a young age but that was just the tip of the iceberg. It wasn’t until MTV and celeb news programs, like E! and Access Hollywood, that the love affair got deeper. I gave birth to PCM last August after sitting on my couch for what seemed like hours coming up with names and scouring the ‘net for the perfect domains and hosting companies. I almost quit, actually I had many moments that I wanted to quit, but my husband encouraged me and told me that slow and steady wins the race. Some good things have happened in my almost one-year journey of celeb blogging: like when Coco (Ice T’s wife) reblogged this post and I nearly cried from the excitement and page views (well, I didn’t but I was super happy).

Now more than ever, PCM has been an escape and comfort for me ever since my husband died. He was killed a month ago by a suicide bomber so you can imagine how much blogging helps to take my mind off the grief. Anytime I feel like quitting, I remember his words and I keep pushing on. The blog is his baby too since he helped me during that hellacious night of name picking and always believed in me when I didn’t.

So anyway, Hallmark moment over, that’s a lil’ blurb about Pop Culture Major. If you love ragging on Kim Kardashian and her krew, Justin Bieber and Courtney Stodden as much as I do, then stop by, leave a comment, add it to your Google Reader, like the page on Facebook, follow it on Twitter. And yes, I’m shamelessly promoting so please read!”

True confessions time: I used to be a celebrity gossip addict.

It started out innocently; before I had my own daycare I used to substitute at a couple of other peoples’ and at one of them, the woman who ran it was always buying US Weekly and InTouch, so I’d browse them when the kids were napping and I was bored. Soon though, it wasn’t enough. I needed a new source for my celebrity gossip and I found it on the internet. BOY DID I EVER FIND IT. I discovered Oh No They Didn’t and Pink is the New Blog and Perez Hilton and it was all downhill from there. I read every post, every COMMENT on every post, even about celebrities I couldn’t stand or didn’t care about or didn’t even know who they were. Like, contestants from Australia’s Next Top Model? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME WHY AM I READING THIS????

Eventually I reached a point (let’s call it rock bottom) where I knew I was out of control. My brain was at maximum celebrity saturation and I was annoying everyone around me with my non-stop gossip regurgitation. Something needed to be done, and I did it. I quit celebrity gossip, cold turkey and I never looked back.


Look, I’m not saying I’ve fallen off the wagon completely. I don’t ever go back to those old sites I used to read (I’m not even going to link them lest I get sucked back in). Now I partake of celebrity gossip in moderation. I only read about celebrities that I’ve ACTUALLY heard of and/or care about, and only on a site where I like what the blogger has to say and how she says it. Basically I don’t always read celebrity gossip, but when I do, I read it on Pop Culture Major.

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