I want to start getting back into the habit of posting more about what I do with my life, especially on the weekends, especially since soon I’ll have four day weekends and then SEVEN DAY WEEKENDS 😀 I even took my camera with my everywhere but OF COURSE I hardly took any pictures. Quelle surprise, amirite?

Anyway, I mostly spent my weekend wandering around the city getting sunburnt. On Saturday Taylor and I walked all three dogs down to Second Beach and back. I wore my skimpiest tank top and ended up with crispy shoulders, which still persist in feeling tender even though the burn has mostly faded to a sweet tan.

Second Beach

The tide was out so there was lots of charming slimy seaweed everywhere. Dogs aren’t allowed on most of the beaches and we saw a lot of people getting lectured by lifeguards and ticketed by park rangers so we stayed up on the Seawall and spied on people at the pool.

Taylor at Second Beach

On Sunday I dragged Taylor all over the city looking for that most elusive of prey: DECENT MATERNITY SHORTS LIKE OMG IT IS SUMMER IT IS HOT I NEED SOME SHORTS. I tried H&M, even though their maternity section is a single rack of horrible garbage, and then made the trek out the West 4th to visit some actual maternity stores. Before we went I actually checked the website for one of them and the “shorts” page had 6 pairs of bermuda-length jorts and 10 pairs of hideous capris so I wasn’t very optimistic. As expected it was a total bust, so I consoled myself with a few cute baby things from the rich jerk baby stores and a giant body pillow, aka my new bff. After I got home I found a pair of tiny American Apparel shorts at the bottom of my pajama drawer that still fit alright, and it turns out they’re on sale for EIGHT DOLLARS so I just ordered a couple pairs in a larger size. Problem solved!

Dougal at Second Beach
Kichou at Second Beach
Georgie at Second Beach

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