SS Picnic

Friday night, after a cupcakes-and-pie based picnic at Sunset Beach Park with some internet friends. I brought my best picture face, now don’t you want to be my internet friend and have picnics too?

Purple Flowers

Neighborhood flowers in assorted purples.

Going to Brunch

On our way to brunch where we had…

Pancakes a la Mode

Pancakes a la mode! Well, Taylor had strawberry crepes but Sym and I a la moded. Getting this for every brunch ever from now on for the rest of my life.

Orange Pedicures

I can’t paint my own toenails anymore (without absurd amounts of discomfort) so I took Sym out to get pedicures on Saturday afternoon. She picked the colours, different oranges for both of us. Hers only cost $10 so I told her she could always come with me for pedicures.

Lazy Georgie

Hot lazy Georgie in the dog park.

Lazy Dougal

This is from today but it’s too cute not to post, Dougal getting some snuggle time with my giant pillow while Taylor sleeps.

ALSO because I know everyone is going to ask, I DON’T KNOW THE SEX OF THE BABY YET. I know, it’s crazy. I actually called the ultrasound clinic in the hospital to ask them how long it should take and they were all “It could take up to a week!” and I was like “:| it’s been two weeks already.” Anyway they said they were going to refax it (THEY FAX THE REPORTS YOU GUYS OMG HOW IS THIS TAKING SO LONG) so I waited a while and called my doctor’s office, but they said they still didn’t have it so they were going to call the clinic themselves and call me back but I haven’t heard anything yet. I really feel like this is a comedy of errors at this point and all I have left to do is decide whether I’m going to stage my sit in at the doctor’s office or in the ultrasound clinic because COME ON.

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