25 Weeks


I’m really happy with the pictures Taylor took this week! Of course I did my hair and makeup so that accounts for some of it but I think my constantly hassling him to take pics of me where I don’t look gross or deformed is bringing out the best in him. I also wanted to get more pics with/of Dougal because I feel like he’s been left out so far!


My dress is from Forever 21 last summer, I was obsessed with it but it wasn’t on the Canadian website so I had my internet friend in North Carolina buy it and send it to me. I actually only wore it once last year, I think all the colours made me feel silly or something? WHO KNOWS but I’m re-obsessed with it now and I think I’ve worn it three times in the last week.

This week’s new makeup is my Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie. I still love the Candy Apple one, but after all the compliments I got on how nice I looked in my pink dress a few weeks ago I thought I’d try out some pink lip colour.

25 Weeks of my Face

Yes, when Taylor was processing the pictures he took I took some of my own AGAIN. Please enjoy a million pics of my face.

25 Weeks of Narcissism
25 Weeks of Poor Food Choices25 Weeks of Snooty Italian Soda

My super healthy lunch of a cinnamon bun & San Pellegrino soda. It’s Aranciata Rosa, the blood orange one. I gave one to Sym earlier and she was like, “Hmm, this is sweeter than the regular Aranciata.” I’m raising a pretentious snob you guys (not really).

25 Weeks of Dougal25 Weeks of Kichou25 Weeks of Claire25 Weeks of Georgie

I also took pics with all my fuzzy friends! Georgie and Claire were cool but Kichou and Dougal were NOT into it. Dougal in particular hates when I pick him up.

As much as I didn’t want it to be something I was worried about during pregnancy, I did have some concerns about getting super fat. I blame the media and also the patriarchy because MRD. Now, I don’t have a scale at home (I threw it away, actually) so I don’t know how much I weighed before I got pregnant, but at like, four or five weeks (when I had my first doctor’s appointment) I weighed more than I did at nine months with Sym. It’s fine I’m cool whatever, but I did have some apprehensions.

On the weekend I was trying to figure out how much weight I’d actually gained, and there was a lot of math involved because my doctor’s scale is in kilograms but I still think about weight in pounds. After some subtraction and multiplication I came up with a gain of around 8 kilograms, or almost 20 pounds. I was a little horrified because TWENTY POUNDS AT ONLY FIVE MONTHS???? Not cool, body. I know every pregnancy is different but with Sym I only gained 30 pounds altogether and I thought it would be pretty cool if I could keep my weight gain around the same amount, and amount which I think is totally reasonable.

Later that night I was thinking about it some more and realized I’d mathed it wrong and I’ve actually only gained 3.5 kilograms, or almost 8 pounds. So now not only am I stereotypically worried about gaining weight, I’m also bad at math. THE PATRIARCHY STRIKES AGAIN.

25 Weeks of my Belly

Sorry if this post sounds humble-braggy (or just regular braggy), I try not to be all about weight (I’ve had disordered eating issues in the past) but sometimes it just happens. Anyway it’s really about how I can’t convert kilograms to pounds in my head.

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  1. 8 lbs is amazing for 20 weeks! Of course, I gained like 60 lbs with my kid, and I think most of it was immediate. Like, I did okay until 16 weeks because i kept horking, and then it was like, ALL THE POUNDS IN THE UNIVERSE, COME OVER HERE AND ATTACH DIRECTLY TO MY FACE. But then again, I would cheer myself up at 2 am with steak n’ shake on the regular, so I truly only have myself to blame.

    1. I don’t even know that you get much choice in the matter, one of my old clients ate everything in the world during her first pregnancy and gained 80 pounds, so during her second she really watched what she ate and got lots of exercise and gained 80 pounds. I mean if I totally blow up and gain all the weight so be it, I’m actually kind of surprised at how little I’ve gained so far.

      I read on the internet the other day that you gain four pounds of blood when you are pregnant. FOUR POUNDS. OF BLOOD. Ick.

      1. That is truly a gross image to think about. As an impressive feat during my last week, I gained 15 lbs in a week. It was super awesome. I knew it was water retention, so I asked the nurse what I should do to avoid gaining more, and she looked at me and said, “uh, maybe eat less?”

        But I do think most of it is genetic. Some people gain a lot, some don’t.

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