The Big Reveal

I had my second ultrasound this morning (at 7:15am, ARGH), and I have some exciting news to share! It’s…..

Baby Laramie Scans

Okay for real, I had hoped to know the sex of Baby Laramie, but guess what? I don’t, and do you want to know why? Because they recently changed the regulations about revealing fetal sex, and now the ultrasound technicians can’t tell you! If you want to know you have to request it, and they put it in a report which they send to your doctor, and then the doctor can tell you. And it takes four to five days for the doctor to get the report. FOUR TO FIVE DAYS OMG I’M DYING. So now the ultrasound technician knows but I don’t know and it’s KILLING ME. The best part of this is the regulations changed YESTERDAY, which was a holiday, so I had the first appointment where the technician wasn’t allowed to tell!

I should be able to find out later this week or sometime next week (whenever my doctor gets the report), but until then please enjoy this video of my unborn baby yawning :3

Taylor took this off the sonogram screen with his phone so it’s not amazing quality but you can still see what’s up and hear my voice/Sym’s goony laugh. Oh and he titled the video 21 Weeks 2 Days but it should be 21 Weeks 5 Days.

Holiday Recap

My Canada Day festivities were low key and included…

French Toast

Eating strawberry french toast (thank tha loard for places that serve brunch until 3pm).
Getting a billion texts from my kid.
Getting licked on the face and feet by my dog (thankfully in that order).

Baby Suits

Buying an outfit (or two) for Baby Laramie to wear next Canada Day. It took every ounce of my willpower to get these adorable red & white suits in a size that will be appropriate a year from now.


Actually making dinner (salad counts, right?).
Watching lots of Adventure Time.

Taylor & Sym at the Cauldron

Walking down to Canada Place for cotton candy, mini donuts and fireworks! We were all super tired by the end and went straight to bed when we got home- Sym almost went to bed BEFORE the fireworks.

Tired Sym

Manicure CanadaDay

Canada Day Nails

IT’S BEEN A WHILE, GLITTER GRADIENT NAILS. Remember when everyone did this a year ago? I’M BRINGING IT BACK. Okay not really, but I wanted something festive to celebrate my country’s birthday and I didn’t have anything super fancy planned out like last year. I also wanted to use this multicolour glitter polish, Sym bought it for me at Hot Topic when she want to the US the other weekend and I wanted her to know I like & appreciate her gift.

Canada Day Nails

Sally Hansen Right Said Red + Blackheart Party Action

Happy Canada Day!

Red Lily

Truth be told, I don’t really know if I’m going to get up to any Canada Day festivities today. The weather is kind of gross and Taylor and I both have colds, plus I have a ton of work to do (the Feminist Killjoy banner I made was posted on STFU Conservatives again and my etsy is blowin’ up ie I’ve sold two THREE! makeitrain.gif). Plus I don’t think I fit into any of the red shirts in the house anymore! Although that IS an excuse to go shopping….

Idk. If I do anything fun I’ll be sure to post about it, but in the meantime why don’t you all check out my new (and returning) sponsors for July in the righthand sidebar ————->