27 Weeks


I’m on vacation this week and AS USUAL I find it hard to keep this blog updated regularly. I’ve been trying to do lots of stuff with Sym and feel bad about spending our one week of the summer together at the computer, but I have some fun stuff we did to share, maybe tomorrow?


I’m 27 weeks pregnant now! I kind of feel like things are going to quickly and too slowly at the same time, like when I say “Oh I’m due November 8th” it sounds like it’s a million years away, but when I say “I’m due in 13 weeks” it sounds like RIGHT NOW! And I still have so much stuff to do before Baby Laramie comes, I can’t wait until I’m OFFICIALLY done work (only three more weeks!) so I can just DO IT.


I reallyyyyyyyy need to get my bangs trimmed, I actually stopped by the salon today but my stylist is on vacation all this week, which means I won’t be able to go until next Friday! Until then, I CAN’T SEE SHIT.


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