Do I post too much about dogs? Is that even possible?

Every now and then I get a sweet idea for a new tumblr so I get all excited and make it and work really hard on it but then no one is as excited about it as I am so I lose interest and let it die. BUT NOT THIS TIME because THIS TIME it’s about my dog and I will never lose interest in her.

It’s called Pomversations (thank you to Kristin at High Socks for the name idea!) and it’s all about stuff I talk about with my dog, like how she’s so cute and such a good girl and kisses. SO EXCITING I KNOW. I’m also going to post pictures and maybe videos if I ever make any new ones. Maybe I’ll even cave in and start using Instagram so I can post Instapom pictures WHO CAN SAY THE POMSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

Pomversations Shot

I’m still working on the layout (customizing layouts on tumblr is SO DUMB, like why give me the option to change the ask box text if there’s no ask box???) but I made it very orange, just like my dog.


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  1. I don’t have children. I have 2 fur-babies. I am a bad mommy, for I show favoritism (just slightly) but I converse with my beasties on the daily. One of my beasties even lets me cradle him like a baby. Gosh I love doggies! And I love your doggy posts so much.

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