Things I Need To Do Before I Leave You All


I’m leaving for vacation on Friday morning!!! I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here, but Taylor’s work is sending him to the super-fun VMWorld Conference in San Francisco next week, and were kind enough to let him fly down a couple days early so I could tag along for the weekend. I’ve never been there before and it’s the last time I’ll be able to travel before the baby arrives, so I’m pretty excited. It’s also a pretty cost-effective way to travel, since his flight was covered by his company.

Of course, I have a TON of stuff I need to get done first. Even though I’ve been planning this trip for six or seven weeks now, it kind of crept up on me; the summer just went so quickly! Here’s what I need to do in the next three days:

1. Finish my outstanding etsy orders. I feel SO BAD, a couple of these have been taking me FOR. EVER. to do, but I’m just about done the most complicated orders so I should be able to ship all of them before I leave.

2. Clean my house, ESPECIALLY the bathroom & my bedroom. My house won’t be empty while I’m away and the idea of forcing my unsuspecting house/petsitter to suffer the indignity of my dirty bathtub is unacceptable to me.

3. Finish my painting projects. I’ve been painting a couple of office organizing things yellow for like… two weeks now. I really need to get it done so I can clear away all the painting stuff on my kitchen island AND clean up the mess on my desk(s).

4. Catch up on laundry. Literally every item of clothing that fits me right now is dirty. I’m not even kidding; as I type this I’m wearing a dress that is inappropriately short with a pair of my husband’s boxers. It’s not cool.

5. Pack! Oh how I need to pack and sort out travel bottles and what things I need to bring with me. Seriously though, I hate packing. The only thing worse than packing is UNPACKING, ugh.

… and if I can squeeze it in:

6. Colour my hair! If last week’s pregnancy pics have shown me anything, it’s that WOW MY ROOTS ARE SO BAD. I’ll be meeting some internet friends for the first time on this trip and I don’t want to show up looking like a bag of rags.

Week 28


… and I’m going to do it all, just as soon as I get off the computer!

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  1. Ooooh my bf would be very jealous of Taylor, he was trying to figure out how to convince his company to send him to VMWorld lol

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