In addition to our fancy new stroller, Taylor and I also ordered a couple Moby wraps. Originally we’d planned on getting a more complicated baby carrier with straps and snaps and clips and bells and whistles, but Mobies just seemed so much softer and cozier to me. I picked them up from the post office yesterday afternoon and OF COURSE as soon as Taylor woke up this was the first thing we did.


GO AHEAD AND LAUGH but 1) Kichou LOVES IT, and 2) it’s actually good practice for us to figure out how to properly wrap it. Kichou weighs about six and a half pounds, which is what Sym weighed when she was born (6lb7oz to be exact) (Sym, not the dog) so I think he’s a pretty good baby stand in. He certain ACTS like a baby.


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    1. He’s so majestic. Yesterday at the park he was actually running around and playing and chasing puppies (which was shocking) and he was like a tiny Arabian stallion, stamping his feet and tossing his mane as he galloped across the sands.

  1. Haha! I should have thought of putting one of my cats in the Moby. I guess I still can.

    And as a new Momzilla, let me tell you about the Baby K’tan. It’s almost identical to the Moby in comfort and baby-holding/positioning, but is about 6456459% less complicated.

      1. True, but one of mine is extra snuggly and would totally dig the extra attention, especially since they’ve all been a little neglected in the love department since the babby arrived.

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