Advertise on Unicorn Parade

Wow I’m super late with this post this month! tbh I’ve been feeling conflicted about having advertisers or sponsors or whatever, like I just don’t think I’m comfortable hustling to try and get paid sponsors for the blog. I’d rather focus on making my etsy my profitable internet venture (ps order now if you want any banners for Halloween because I’m already getting swamped) and keep the blog just for funsies.

So anyway, I’ve decided to take advertising on my blog in a different direction this month, and the direction is more like… free. THAT’S RIGHT FREE ADVERTISING WOW WHO WOULD PASS THAT UP??? Fools, that’s who.

mostly I just wanna be able to keep using this cute advertising dog pic :3

You can find all the new info here, although it’s basically the same info. Just for free. FREE YOU GUYS!

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