Oh Well Whatever Nevermind

You know what’s not labour? Prelabour. So yeah. Nothing is happening here. I’m feeling pretty disappointed- I was really really positive the baby would be born this weekend, but instead I’ve just been sitting around having occasion contractions that go nowhere, and it sucks.

Me & Georgie

One thing that is really nice though is my mom came over from the Island to stay (if nothing happens, baby-wise overnight she’s going home and then she’ll come back when it DOES happen). Usually when she visits it’s just for an afternoon and usually when I’ve been working, so it’s been great to just hang out and talk without fifty daycare babies hassling me! Also, I’ve been trying to keep busy so I don’t just sit around and wallow about the fact that I’m still pregnant, so I’ve made SO MANY banners. I’ve actually almost finished all the orders I had from before the Jezebel post, which means I only have, oh…. twenty or so more to do (seriously I’ve sold like 20 in the last three days). Fortunately they are mostly quite small and/or simple, but I have made some more complicated pieces…

Pineapple & Pug

These were samples I did to show someone how they’d look, but on the strength of this I already have people interested in a banner of cats and a banner of fruits! Anyway I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend powering through orders since I’m absolutely positively definitely NOT having a baby. Nuh-uh. No way. Not gonna happen.

(Yes, I’m trying to reverse psychologe my unborn baby WHAT OF IT.)

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    1. PERFECT because my mom has gone home and Taylor is back at work tonight, so after 11pm my time I’ll be home alone with an 11-year-old.

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