Gwenny Gwen Gwen

Gwendolyn Violet

Back when I was pregnant Taylor and I spent a lot of time trying to think off baby names. We had a list of some names we liked but there was nothing we were like, IN LOVE with. We just couldn’t think of a name! Sym made suggestions, our friends & family made suggestions (multiple people suggested “Daisy,” which is weird), my mom and I spent a couple hours on baby name websites, but nothing jumped out at us.

After she was born the brainstorming continued, and finally we picked something: Gwendolyn (Gwen or Gwenny or Itty-Bitty Baby Face) Violet. Taylor and I agreed on Gwendolyn together, and Violet was Symphony’s suggestion (I am so happy she could be involved, I really want her to feel included in the whole baby thing).


(This picture is from Friday, before we left the hospital. I’ve been kind of slow in downloading the pics from my camera)

I swear one day I’ll have a real post, but for now I ACTUALLY caved in and got Instagram to better inundate you all with baby pics (like my recent blog posts haven’t been enough)!

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  1. Aaaaah massive congratulations! Haven’t been on the internets much the last couple of weeks, so just saw (and missed what I imagine were wild SS celebrations) 😀
    I love the name and she’s already a gorgeous baby! x

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