Eight Days

Can you believe Gwen is over a week old already??? I certainly can’t. Taylor keeps saying stuff about he can’t wait until she’s a bit bigger and we can do this or that or blah blah blah and I’m like NOOOOOOOOOOOO PRECIOUS TINY INFANT CAN NEVER GROW UP. Yesterday she had her first visit to the doctor, and she’s already regained the 1.5% of her birth weight that she lost AND MORE, and grown one centimeter.


Since she was one week old yesterday I asked Taylor to take some pictures of her, but he hasn’t uploaded them yet so for now here’s a bunch of random stuff…

Cool Dad
Little Bear

On Wednesday we took her out for her first shopping trip downtown. She was a total angel and slept the entire time we were out, but I way overdid it and spent the evening literally sobbing from my various pains- my embarrassing problem from September is back, and my milk came in, but since it won’t come out (breastfeeding is a no-go for me again) I was a swollen mess. ANYWAY I’m recovering/deflating nicely now so PHEW.

The Sun'll Come Out

While we were out Taylor bought me a fancy new down-filled waterproof parka from The North Face so I don’t have to choose between being cold and wet this winter, and LITERALLY the second we stepped out of the store the sun burst through the clouds, so Vancouver people can thank me for any nice weather we have in the next couple weeks.

Gwen All Wrapped Up

This morning I successfully got her into a properly wrapped Moby for the first time! We took Georgie out for a walk together, and it was GREAT. I officially love this thing, so much simpler for short walks than busting out the stroller, plus it means I’ll be able to take Georgie to the dog park again!

Anyway, this baby bundled on my chest is starting to wake up so I’d better go, but if you want to look at fifty billion pictures of my baby and my pets all day please follow me on instagram YES FINE I ADMIT IT I WAS WRONG ABOUT IT. Happy Friday everyone!

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    1. I KNOW OH MY GOD. Yesterday we were in the post office and she started hollering so Taylor picked her up and was holding her in this weird way that somehow calmed her down and you could see the little tail on the damn thing and every single person in the place collectively went “Awwwwwwwwwww!” I was worried it wouldn’t fit her for long because I got a small size but it’s FRIGGIN’ HUGE on her so I predict it will be bear suit all winter long.

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