Sleeping In

The first week after Gwen was born, Taylor stayed home from work and we both kind of stayed up most of the night with her- he was more likely to be awake for the first half (like, midnight to 4am) and I was more likely to be awake for the second half (4am onwards). It worked well because we were sharing the baby care equally and we both got some sleep, but not a lot. This week he’s back at work and it’s EVEN BETTER. He’s arranged to work from home for the next six to eight weeks, which is AMAZING, because he works nights and since he’s up anyway he’s been doing everything with her! I’ve been getting so much sleep I don’t even know how to deal with it. Last night I went to bed at around midnight and this morning he woke me up at eight. EIGHT. That’s later than I normally sleep on a weekday!

It also helps that Gwen is such a good baby; sometimes I don’t even want to go to bed- I just want to stay up and gaze at her and count her little fingers and toes. Last night I stole her from Taylor and snuggled with her in bed before I fell asleep and it was pretty much the best thing ever. I still can’t believe we made this baby and I grew her in my belly and now she’s here and more perfect than I ever could have imagined. WOW THAT WAS MUSHY. Sorry. It’s true though.

In unrelated to my adorable baby news, I woke up this morning and my blog layout was all messed up, so I apologize for the ugly font and too-wide pictures. Apparently all my CSS edits vanished overnight? UGH SUCH A PAIN since I don’t remember how I changed it in the first place. THANKS A LOT, WORDPRESS >:/

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