Six Weeks & Shopping With Sym

Yesterday Gwen had her six-week checkup. She now weighs 12lbs2.4oz, so almost a full four pounds more than at birth, and she’s 22.5″ long, two inches longer than at birth. Basically, she’s SO BIG! She’s really starting to become fun to interact with as well- when we cuddle and play with her we’re rewarded with huge smiles instead of just sticky baby hands flailing at us and tangling in our hair (although that does still happen)!

Also yesterday was Sym’s school winter concert, and guess what? I FORGOT TO GO. Yep, mother of the year right here. In my defence I spent the time I should have been at the concert wrapping presents, but I felt really bad, so after Sym got home from school I took her on an impromptu shopping trip to the Kid’s Market on Granville Island.

The fastest way to get there from our apartment downtown is by boat, but damned if I don’t have a panic attack every time I step on/off one of those little ferries! I always think I’m going to fall into the water, or at the very least drop my purse overboard! The dock was slippery and I was wearing Gwen in the moby so it was extra nerve-wracking for me, but clearly I didn’t drown. Yet.

The trip was a success, I picked up some great little toys & things for Christmas gifts. Buying presents for people is LITERALLY one of my favourite activities, but I haven’t been able to get much this year due to being so epically broke. Thankfully my maternity leave payments finally started so PHEW! Christmas is saved! I also bought Sym a little doll to make up for missing her concert, and these cute puffy stickers of Japanese spirits/ghosts/demons for myself because why not.

Since Sym will be spending Christmas with her dad and his family this year, we’re doing our traditional mini-Christmas this weekend, although this year we’re doing it up right. Usually we cram the whole celebration into one evening, but this year we’re doing the whole thing, just tonight and tomorrow instead of next Monday & Tuesday.

So happy Mini Christmas Eve from me, my family and this huge glitter elk I crammed into my tree! I’ll be back with a full recap after the weekend. Hopefully, if I don’t get to busy/lazy.

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