Back to Work

Not for me, I’m officially off work from my ~real~ job until September >:)

Vacation is over for @blame_simian and his faithful sidekick.

After Gwen was born Taylor took a week off of work, and then he worked from home for six weeks, and then he got a week off at Christmas because he’s been with his company so long, and then he took another week off! And it’s been amazing having him home- during those six weeks while he was up working all night he was also looking after Gwen, so do you know what I was doing? SLEEPING. Sleeping for six, seven, eight and I think once twelve hours a night. Sure, there were some nights when he’d be really busy and I’d have to get up to feed and change and cuddle the baby, but more often than not I would get a full night’s sleep. And then I’d look after Gwen and Taylor would get a full day’s sleep.

Of course that can’t last forever so this week he is back in the office- just three nights a week, Mondays and Fridays he’s still working from home. Monday night (which is his Tuesday shift since he starts work at midnight) was my first night at home with Gwen all alone. And it was so weird! I was worried she’d keep me up and I’d get no sleep but she was a perfect angel and slept from 1:30 until 8:30. Last night was about the same (bed at 12:30, up once at 2, back to sleep until 7:30), and while it’s nice that she’s so easy to deal with I still miss having Taylor here, even when he’s working. It’s just nice to know that he’s around.

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