Recent Work

Glitter pup!

A banner of four unique dog faces, done in diamond, bronze, pink and black glitter, with highlights in florentine gold. I just finished this last night/will be shipping it today, and I hope the customer is going to be happy with it.

Mini banner for Gwen's changing table.

This red “Gwendolyn” mini-banner isn’t glittery. I know; it makes no sense! But glittery banners just didn’t seem right for the nursery. I’m also planning on making another non-glittery banner for Gwen’s room with some cute woodland shapes.

Custom extra large silver glitter "DREAM" banner on white satin ribbon.

People often want banners with larger letters, but they don’t often want to pay more for them so I rarely make anything bigger than my regular 3.5″ letters. This silver “dream” banner has 6″ letters, I think the biggest I’ve ever made.

Not pictured: a second monkey. @inapplicable

“Evelyn” in gold with orange sherbet, lemon, fuchsia, ruby and black monkeys art either end for my internet friend Gilly‘s adorable baby.


These skulls were a Christmas gift for my friend Jenn.

Lina Keith Bannner

I made this banner quite a while ago but couldn’t post it until after the holidays as it was for a gift. I really like the colour combination- the letters are lilac to sterling ombre and the owls are mint.

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