Sunday Afternoon


Little floor sleeper.

Mama & Bear

In the backyard.

This afternoon Taylor and I took Gwen out to run a few errands- I needed some craft supplies & picture frames, and Gwen recently grew out of 90% of her pajamas. Taylor and I also picked up a some clothes for ourselves, and we had lunch at Cafe Crepe, where they gave us a private room because the main dining area was so busy there was nowhere for our stroller.


On Saturday I made a new pair of shoes for Gwen, in this AMAZING gold leather. I’m seriously considering making more to sell, although with all my banner orders I could probably only do one pair of shoes a week. It would be a good excuse to buy more leather though; the seller I bought the gold from has some in black & white polka dot that’s calling my name…

Finally, in case you missed it, Unicorn Parade made it into the final round for the Homies! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me in the nomination round, and please vote for me again in this round!

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