All Hearts

Now that everyone has opened their gifts I can finally post what I was up half the night working on!


I’ve been toying around with the idea of making cards to sell in my shop, and last night I took the first step by attempting to make Valentine’s cards for Taylor and Sym.


I actually don’t hate the results! It’s not perfect but it’s a pretty good start I think. I made a long card like this because I found a bunch of legal size envelopes in pretty colours at the dollar store (in addition to the pink I have cream, pale yellow and lavender).


I didn’t have any Valentine-y wrapping paper so I just used plain white tissue paper and decorated the packages with stickers. I didn’t wrap Gwen’s gift because. Well. She’s a baby, and anyway I would be the one unwrapping it.

Sym declined to get a picture taken with her face in it, but she didn’t mind me taking a quick shot of her outfit. The pink jeans & heart-print cardigan were her gift.


I bought Taylor a navy & white striped sweater, and appliquéd a heart inside the collar. You know. For love. AND MUSHINESS.


That is the best picture I could get of the two of them. EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY IS SO DIFFICULT TO PHOTOGRAPH.

Of course, the star of the day is Gwen in the heart-patch leggings I DIYed for her at 1:45am!


They are super cute and UNBELIEVABLY easy to make, I want to put hearts on all her things now. And maybe some of my things…


As a bonus, when I was trying to take a picture of her she actually rolled over for the first time!


Only halfway, but she’s very pleased with her new skill. OMG UPDATE, as I was proofreading this post she woke up and rolled the whole way over!!!!


She was so mad about her arm being stuck! I didn’t want to interrupt her ~process~ though so I let her figure it out on her own.


So proud of my little roly-poly! Georgie makes it look so easy, the smug pup.

I wasn’t left out of the gift-getting; Taylor brought me home pink, red and white tulips (my favourite spring flower) and a GIANT cream-filled chocolate cupcake.


Seriously it was the size of a softball. I ate the whole thing while typing up this post and I feel a little ill now tbh. He also wanted to get me some framed pics of Gwen but he couldn’t find any frames that would satisfy my pickiness. Instead I just got prints & we have to go frame shopping, haha.

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    1. Thank you! Gwen never had any real signs she was going to roll over either- up until now she’s been content to just lie on her back, and then suddenly today she just flipped over!

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