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I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been swamped with banner orders. February has been my busiest month since November, so I’ve been working long hours and I think it’s starting to affect my brain because I keep making dumb mistakes. On Wednesday when I printed out all the invoices for my next batch of banners I accidentally printed one out twice, which meant I ended up making an entire banner I didn’t need to make. A WHOLE BANNER. Luckily it was a popular one that I sell quite a few of so I guess I’m ahead on those now? I also found a custom order I’d listed incorrectly, I spelled a customer’s name wrong on an address label and last night I cut out the letters for a mini banner in mint green instead of light pink. WHAT. THOSE AREN’T EVEN SIMILAR. And that was WASN’T a banner I sell a lot of so unless there’s more than one “kawaii princess” banner enthusiast out there it was a total wash.

What I need to do is take some time off from banners but unfortunately, doing that would just put me further behind schedule, meaning I’d be busier and probably make even more mistakes in the long run. I guess I will just keep it up and hope I don’t waste any more time on silly mistakes.

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