Morning Permabulations

I hate Tuesday mornings. Have I mentioned this before? Maybe.

Morning perambulating

Tuesday mornings are the hardest for me because Taylor is at work (usually until noon) and Sym is at her dad’s, so it’s just me and Gwen at home with the pets. It would be nice except for the fact that the dogs need walking. Never do I wish harder that we had our own house with our own backyard so I could just let the dogs out to do their business while I sat around making goo-goo eyes at Gwen than I do on Tuesday mornings!

With no one home to take them out for me OR watch Gwen while I do it, I have to do it all myself. What should be a fifteen-minute walk around the block is a huge production with babies and blankets and strollers and usually cursing. At this time of year it’s also usually cold and/or raining, which adds another level of unpleasantness to the proceedings. I have to get Gwen up and changed and dressed and fed and burped before I can even take the dogs out, and since I don’t trust Georgie 100% with the hallway & living room carpets I have to leave her locked in my bedroom until Gwen and I are ready to go out.


Poor thing.

Since these mornings suck so hard I’ve decided it’s the best time to ~treat myself, so after the walk I drop the dogs off and Gwen and I go get coffee instead of making it at home. Today, since it wasn’t raining (at the time, it is now) I also grabbed her bag and we went for a walk across downtown to meet Taylor on his way home from work… and do a little shopping, oops. But like, I NEEDED that fancy bright yellow picture frame and paper straws and cupcake liners and pastel sprinkles and edible Easter grass (it’s grass-tastic, apparently)!


lol no I didn’t but OH WELL. I said I was treating myself, right? And I also got practical things like dog poop bags and dish towels so it all evens out.

Now we’re home and I’m going to spend some time on my favourite procrastination activities: half-heartedly doing housework and making the aforementioned goo-goo eyes at Gwen before I get down to business making banners. But first, baby pictures!


Her #1 favourite activity these days is turning on her side and gnawing on her fingers.


My internet friend Danielle made a bunch of simple solid-colour blankets for me so now I have many more options for coordinating her blanket to her outfit. See here how the orange blanket goes with the orange carrots on her onesie? Yes, I know I have problems.


THAT SMILE. Like is it any wonder I have such a hard time getting things done! I just wanna gaze at her all day!


I love her casually crossed little legs. She rolled the whole way over again yesterday (while I was out of the room, the little sneak) for the first time since Valentine’s Day.


In totally unrelated news, I never adressed this but I wanted to thank everyone who voted for me in the Apartment Therapy Homies. I didn’t win (in fact, I came in dead last, haha), but I didn’t expect to so I’m not disappointed. I was just happy to make it into the top six in my category, hopefully gain some new readers, and find a bunch of great new blogs to read in the process!

I’m also happy to say that Unicorn Parade has recently been nominated for a Canadian Weblog Award! It’s a juried competition so I’m not going to be hassling you for votes, but I do encourage everyone to check out the other nominees.

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