Spring Wishing

It’s miserably cold & rainy outside and dark in my basement apartment. Some days I go outside just once in the morning to walk the dogs for twenty minutes and spend the rest of my time holed up on the couch in a pile of blankets. I’m powerfully sick of it and can’t wait for actual spring to start, so I’m trying to make it happen through sheer force of will.

Morning napper.

I put Gwen in these spring green & white striped pajamas as soon as they come out of the wash every time.

I get flowers from @blame_simian every week

Since Valentine’s Day Taylor has been buying me tulips every Wednesday. What says spring more than tulips? N O T H I N G.

These sprinkles look like mini Mini Eggs.

On Tuesday I bought these pastel Easter-y nonpariels and last night I used them to make cookies (that only turned out a little weird).

Cookies for breakfast because I'm an adult.

The recipe actually called for 1/2 cup of jimmies and only 2 tablespoons of nonpariels, but the only jimmies I have in that quantity are Halloween colours and silver, neither of which screams “spring”. Also, remind me to show you all my collection of sprinkles one day, it is OUT OF HAND. Anyway even jimmy-less these cookies are good! I was a little worried all the nonpariels would be too crunchy but they aren’t at all. I do kind of wish I’d put food colouring in them though, pink and turquoise and lilac cookies with pastel sprinkles would have been great.

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