Jump Jump

Guppy toes

Gwen loves jumping around, so after looking at different exercisers and jumpers online we decided on a Jolly Jumper. Our apartment is mostly ~open plan~ and there aren’t any doorways with frames in the living area (only in the hallway) so we got a one that comes with a stand (which meant it came in a giant box, which was fun to carry home on the bus while also pushing the stroller). It’s kind of huge when set up but easily folds flat when not in use.

She prefers contemplating the Jolly Jumper to jumping in it.

Yesterday she wasn’t sure how she felt about being in the jumper and preferred just staring at it, but today she’s really getting the hang of it and seems to really enjoy being able to move under her own power.

(This video also features me in the background folding laundry and wearing shameful grey sweatpants.)

4 Replies to “Jump Jump”

  1. oh that is so so so CUTE!
    I was thinking about buying one of these for my 3.5 month old but we have the same problem (that of no door frames in our main living space). I didn’t realize you could buy a stand for it.

    1. I didn’t either, I’m so pleased. It wasn’t much more expensive than just a Jolly Jumper for the jumper + the stand, either. It does take up quite a bit of space when it’s set up- the footprint is about 4′ x 2.75′ but like I said in my post, it folds flat- you just have to unscrew a couple wingnuts, which is easy.

      I do not recommend taking it on the bus though.

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