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March 2nd, the last time she fell asleep in her swing.

This week I have been working on getting Gwen on a regular nap schedule. It’s been kind of hard for me, which is weird because when I’m working (doing daycare) I am very strict about naptimes and actually get all the kids to nap at the same time so I can have a break.


One evening back in February when I was tired and forced her to nap on the couch with me, and when I got up Georgie stole my spot.

Gwen is very particular about her bed- & naptimes and gets very fussy if I miss them. A few weeks ago, when she was going to bed around 11pm, I decided to start slowly easing her into an earlier bedtime, just by 15 minutes each day, but she was like FORGET THIS and fell asleep at 8. However if she goes to bed that early she wakes up at like, 5am and NO THANKS TO THAT. Currently we’re starting her bedtime routine at around 8:15 and generally get her to bed by 9.

Morning napper.

How & where she likes to sleep, as you can she she spat out her binkie & replaced it with her thumb.

The problem with this whole napping thing is I’m still used to her easy newborn sleepiness where she would fall asleep anywhere- in her swing, on the floor, basically wherever I put her. Nowadays she’s much more concerned with comfort and only likes to nap in her crib (although she’ll still fall asleep in her stroller if we’re out, but with the carrycot it’s like a rolling crib). It’s actually great because when it’s time for bed I just put her in her crib with her binkie & her Elke, semi-swaddled in a blankie and she’ll fall asleep almost immediately.


If I leave Gwen’s bedroom door open Claire will try to sleep in the crib as well, that sneaky cat.

I’m very lucky that she is such a good/easy sleeper, but if I lose track of time/forget that she won’t sleep in the living room anymore then LOOK OUT because if she is overtired she gets into the biggest rages! Ands of course once she’s worked up she has a much harder time getting settled. Her overtired fussiness has also been compounded this week by the fact that she’s still teething (I can see and feel the teeth but they aren’t quite through yet) AND she has her first cold, so sometimes I’m not quite sure if she wants to go to bed or she’s not feeling well or her gums hurt. Being a baby is hard, basically.

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  1. Man am I jealous. Alison won’t nap in her crib anymore and although she sucks her thumb she doesn’t use it to comfort herself if she wakes up in the middle if the night. Where did my wonderful sleeper go?!?!

  2. We are going through a lot of the same kind of stuff lately (teething, colds, over-tired fussiness)… but at least Gwen falls asleep on her own in her crib – that is amazing! We definitely need to do a lot of coaxing for that to happen!
    : )

    1. She’s always been a crib-sleeper! We had her in a cradle in our bedroom for a couple weeks but moved her to her own room before she was even a month old- it took me longer to refinish the cradle than she actually used it for!

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