Lazy Afternoon Links

Baby carrot. #tinybuttonsblog

a baby carrot waiting for the Easter Bunny

This post has inspired me to step up my floral arranging game.

Probably the best food blog on the whole internet, hands down forever and ever amen.

I got 15/16 Paul Rudds, how many can you get?

Remember when I used to paint my nails every week? Work and a new baby have put an end to that, so until I have more free time I’m living vicariously through Kelly Anne, who always has the cutest nails ever.

Speaking of cutest ever, these ice cream brooches are calling my name.

Alicia from Within Color is a finalist in the AE “Project Live Your Life” contest, vote for her here.

Twice the Gwen outfit posts on Tiny Buttons this week! regular and pajama, plus a 20% of code for Freja Toys.

Special Easter Weekend Links!

Some Easter basket/bag ideas 1 2 3

A far braver woman than I, Jenna attempts to dye eggs.

… and two very different posts about Peeps from Sometimes Sweet and Icebark.

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