Easter Weekended


Happy Easter from Ms Baby!

Where I Went
On Good Friday and Easter Sunday we took family walks around the Seawall. On Fridasy Sym was at her dad’s so it was just the Taylor, me and Gwen, but on Sunday it was all four of us.



If I’d been using my brain I would have asked someone to take a picture of all three of us in our navy/cream sweaters. OH WELL.


Family being their typical selves @blame_simian @strawberrysweets

Again, I didn’t get a picture of all of us, but pics with me & both my girls and none of us looks terrible? A PRIZE MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD.

What I Did
Celebrated Easter…


You would think that, being 36, I’d have this Easter celebration thing sorted out, but one holiday is all I can handle and tbh I’ve really been focussing more on Christmas for the last few years. I wish we could have an Easter egg hunt like we did when I was a kid, but owning sneaky dogs means we can’t do it indoors and sharing a backyard means we can’t do it outdoors. The Easter Bunny understands this and just leaves baskets of treats & toys in the girls’ bedrooms. Sym got candy, a plush Hello Kitty dressed as a lamb and a new shirt, and Gwen got a couple toys, including this fantastic lamb that I’m obsessed with.

Gwen's #Easter lamb is a big hit #tinybuttonsblog
Seriously this lamb is a delight.

Both girls received orange shirts with little hand painted bunnies, cleverly rolled and tied to look like carrots.

Lil bunbuns on orange shirts for lil girls #Easter

I told you, I’m obsessed with the lamb!

What I Ate
Easter dinner…
I had all these big plans for making a fancy Easter dinner, but due to some problems at the office taylor had to work almost the whole weekend, so in the end there wasn’t really any point (plus I forgot to go grocery shopping…). Instead we just had BLTs and lemonade, and it was probably better than any fancy dinner would have been (and less clean up, too).


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