Lazy Afternoon Links

This is my 1000th post! I didn’t even realize it until I was deleting some old drafts and at the top of the post list I saw “All (1,000) | Published (999) | Scheduled (1)”

She did this herself #tinybuttonsblog

I love everything from this shop.

We don’t have Girl Scout Cookies in Canada (we have Girl Guide cookies, which are different) so I might need to try these recipes for homemade Trefoils, Samoas and Tagalongs.

This post is so simple yet so beautiful.

My friend Jenn is an interior designer and her blog, Callooh Callay is so good (plus her weekly links posts are much better than mine!).

I pestered Nikkie from Little Paper Forest until she started a Society6 just so I could buy a print of this adorable map of Canada, go buy one too and make it worth her while (and get free shipping until the 14th)!

I heard Chvrches for the first time on Tuesday night and I’m O B S E S S E D.

This week Gwen mostly wore pajamas because I am a lazy parent, but check out the few outfits I did put her in on Tiny Buttons.

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