Good Weather Guilt

Now that spring is here, I’m in an almost constant state of good weather guilt. If it’s not raining I feel like I should be outside appreciating it, not holed up in my basement apartment. Nevermind that I have housework to do, etsy orders to fill, a baby on a nap schedule and a half-painted dining room. I GOTTA GET OUTSIDE.

It was especially bad this morning since I had to take Gwen with me when I was walking the dog. Like, I’m ALREADY outside with the baby and all her things, I should go for a little walk, maybe just around the park across the street. Or no, maybe down to Sunset Beach and just as far as English Bay. Oh, the baby fell asleep? Maybe just as far as Second Beach then, all the way to the pool, and then halfway around Lost Lagoon. Eventually my “little walk” turned into two and a half hours.
Seawall morning
Idyllic and whatnot
Lost Lagoon
You know what though? NO REGRETS.

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