Womp Womp

Remember when I was so happy that I finally got a new phone? Well nevermind, because adding to my recent string of phone-related disappointments, my brand-new shiny HTC One that I got especially because of the camera, that I paid an early upgrade fee to get especially because of the camera…

Has a defective camera.

SERIOUSLY WHAT R THE ODDS??? And it’s only defective while taking a particular kind of picture, which is even more annoying somehow? Like you think it’s working great and then HA HA NOPE. Some examples:
I'm going to have a tutorial for this headband on my blog tomorrow!
This baby rarely holds still when she’s awake, but even though she was squirming all over this picture came out pretty alright.
This picture of a treetop against the sky has a filter on it so some of the detail has been lost, but it’s still pretty good.
This #cat is also going to stay in bed with me forever
I took this picture of Claire in my basement apartment last night with only one 40 watt-equivalent CFL bulb lighting the room, and just LOOK at how amazing it is! You can see every individual hair on her face!

You might be thinking to yourself, “What the hell, Tanie, what are you complaining about, looks like your fancy phone has a fantastic camera that works perfectly, you spoiled brat!” Now, I’m not denying that I’m being a spoiled brat but just hold your judgement until you see this final picture:
WELP. As you can see this is a very dumb picture of a boring, awkwardly framed street scene. Trees, planters, cars, apartment buildings and BC Place Stadium. What you can ALSO see is that the entire picture is out of focus. Pretty weird for a device with autofocus, right? You’d think that there at least be one thing in focus here. Was I shaking the phone around when I took this picture? Did I take it during an earthquake? NOPE. There is some sort of FATAL FLAW in the camera that when asked to take a picture of a scene with things in the fore, middle and background, it can’t focus on any of them. Even if I tap the screen to choose a point for it to focus on, it still can’t focus. It’s like the camera has option paralysis*

SO FRUSTRATING. Yesterday I called HTC and at their suggestion I took the phone back to the Bell store where I bought it. After first treating me like an idiot (“It looks like there’s something on the lens, like a thumbprint, that’s probably causing the problem”) one of the employees compared it to his own, properly-functioning HTC One and finally realized/admitted mine wasn’t able to focus and so declared it DOA (the “D” stands for Defective! YAY!). Luckily that means I can exchange it, unluckily they don’t have any in stock (hilariously I rushed down there on Saturday in the rain to buy the very last one) so I have to wait who knows how long. Could be they’ll get more today, could be next week. COULD BE NEVER, basically. I sure am glad I paid that early upgrade fee now! 6___9

*The tendency, when given unlimited choices, to make none. ty Douglas Coupland.

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  1. You need to call them and ask them to refund your early upgrade fee. I’m serious! That is seriously unfair and frustrating.

    1. IT’S SO ANNOYING. I’m going to make a big fuss once I’m able to exchange the defective one.

    1. Option paralysis is the reason why I spend so much time scrolling through the Netflix menus.

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