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A challenger appears #tinybuttonsblog
This might be my laziest link post yet. It might be my laziest week of blogging ever, actually. I have a lot of ideas for posts and a lot of DIYs in the planning and/or prep stages, but I’m finding it hard to spend time on anything besides:
• Seawall walks with the baby
• working on etsy orders
• watching Netflix while I work on etsy orders

NICE. Some other things from this week…

I was pretty sick of the faded green ends of my hair, so on Tuesday I spent Gwen’s naps bleaching and bleaching and basically murdering my hair to get all the green out.
My new fried bleached hair, it disintegrates in my hands like ash lol
Photo on 13-05-10 at 11.43 AM
I know ombre hair is tired or whatever but OH WELL WHO CARES. I’m not sure yet if I’ll keep it like this, go dark all over, or just cut the ends off since they are super fried (although I’m in a long hair contest with Taylor and I wouldn’t want to lose too much length or he might catch up with me). tbh I’m pretty sick of having dark hair in general so maybe I’ll just keep bleaching it higher and higher.

Wednesday was Gwen’s half birthday, she’s six months old now!
Too hot for proper clothes, just a bandana & bloomers will do
Since I was so not into posting this week it’s good I did that Gwen at 5 1/2 months post a couple weeks back, haha.

On Thursday Jenn and I got our first pedicure of the season. We went to Nail de Kaen and I totally recommend it to local people!
Gold  nails, gold shoes, gold everything
Jenn in coral on the left (pic shamelessly stolen from her instagram), me in gold on the right

Speaking of my etsy, I was planning on making a fuss when I reached 500 sales… but then I didn’t even notice when that happened, haha.
Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 12.22.07 PM
You can still get 20% off your order with the code SPRING20 so if you’ve been planning on ordering a banner, now’s the time!

And now a couple links…

I’m not super into podcasts in general but I AM super into Why Would You Do That?

Some great photos of abandoned places.

In case you live under some sort of internet rock and missed it, Hyperbole and a Half is back.

One of my favourite tumblrs.

As always, check out what Gwen wore.

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  1. Gwen gets more and more adorable every day. I don’t know how you handle it!

    And thanks for including Sweet Home Style on this list. 🙂

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