Since I was able to get all my etsy orders finished & shipped on Thursday, my weekend started on Friday (and since my shop is staying closed until June 10th,it’s a ten-day weekend, yes!!). The weather was still pretty cruddy in the morning, so instead of our Seawall walk, I dragged Taylor with me to a mall out in the suburbs so I could buy clothes for Gwen: a couple more rompers, some shorts and new socks since she’s outgrown her 0-6 month socks.
I made him come too the mall with me, I need some mom friends to go shiopping with.
I also bought more suede to make her some new shoes; can’t stop won’t stop making baby shoes.
New shoes for baby. Also pictured: the bad dog who chewed the left shoe (thankfully not beyond saving)
I’m really happy with how these turned out, but I’m less happy with the fact that while I was out on Monday Georgie chewed one of them. DOGS, ugh. Luckily it wasn’t totally destroyed because I don’t have enough suede left to make a new one!

Saturday was the first farmer’s market of the year. We bought some strawberries & baked goods, including this chocolate chip banana bread we had for breakfast. Gwen in particular enjoyed smashing it to smithereens. She’s not very good at eating but she does like squishing food between her gums and spitting it out.

After breakfast Georgie and I met our dog park friends Jessica and Socks to hang out. We met them last summer when Socks was still a little puppy, but they moved out of downtown in the fall so we hadn’t seen them in a while. They just moved back Georgie and I were both happy to see them.
Socks! I stole this pic from Jessica’s instagram.

Sunday we went for brunch at Subeez and then walked back around the Seawall from Yaletown.

Now that the weather is nicer we are able to actually GO OUT and DO THINGS, which is good because otherwise I’d just be blogging about all the Star Trek: Voyager I’ve been watching (if you are interested in my thoughts about Voyager I have been tweeting about it).

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    1. Thanks! It’s kind of horrible making them because I do it all by hand, but it’s pretty easy. I MIGHT do a DIY tutorial next time I make a pair.

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